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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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minerals, plus an ingredient proven to boost your natural defenses. airborne. it is tuesday, october 24th, as we get started with our day, right here on "today in the bay." looking right now, at the golden gate bridge. good morning and thaupg for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. catch the cool of the morning, because it's going to be hot today. >> yes. that's going to be the big story today, what we are all talking about. the heat today, summer returning and we are going to have some very hot temperatures and, looking at where we are starting this morning, san francisco at 67 degrees. it's 68 in napa. we have lower 60s in san jose. this is the chance to cool off.
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look where we are headed this afternoon, into the 90s for the inland areas and oakland, 87. 87, also in san francisco. a closer look at the numbers coming up in a few minutes. mike, do you have a crash in fremont? >> there were reports, but i actually drove past this section not long after it was reported and south 880 past the parkway and fremont boulevard, there was only a chp cruiser on the shoulder. what happened is everybody did what you typically do, the roads are clear, going at the speed limit, see chp and ease up. it should be clear because it's been there for a while. chp should clear that. the bay bridge approach, cash lane is backed up. an increase in traffic. we are down one, two lanes on the left approach. we'll track it. this is a standard pattern. back to you, laura. developing now, another
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scare at sfo involving an arriving air canada flight. it happened on sunday. faa says controllers tried multiple times to tell the pilots to go around, amid concerns it could be cleared. the air canada plane kept oncoming. we found the air traffic audio involving it. you can hear orders from air traffic control to go around, at least five times. >> 781, go around. canada 781, go around. that's evident. air canada, 781 -- >> the last part of that audio, pilots telling them they had a radio problem. it was after it landed safely.
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pilots ignored a red light gun, used as a last resort by controllers. so far, that has not been explained. faa and air canada will explain. this is the second recent high profile incident involving an air canada plane at sfo in a matter of months. in july, an arrivinging flight was 60 feet from landing on the taxiway where at least four planes were lined up to take off. pilots lifted at the last second. faa issued new rules for nighttime landing at sfo. a red cross service center opened in napa. people impacted by the fires like this one here, the pockets, tubbs or nun's fire, the red cross says families will be able to meet with trained caseworkers who will assess specific needs and possibly provide financial
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assistance. they need proof of address. the united methodist church on randolph street open from saturday through 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. this morning, there are no longer evacuations in place for the bear fire. the final orders were lifted on monday. 400 acres have burned and four homes destroyed. the fire remains 85% contained. the cause is still under investigation. if you watch these stories and want to help, we are making it easy for you. there are a growing number of ways to assist the victims of the fires. we have a list on the link is right there on the main page. new this morning, the search is on for a serial hit and run suspect in the east bay. they are looking for a driver involved in two separate incidents on diablo road. the crash injured three cyclists. they say it happened 1:30 saturday afternoon. the victim, riding her bicycle near alameda road when she was
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hit. she is expected to be okay. then, a half hour later, two additional cyclists were hit, this time on diablo near collide clydesdale. continuing coverage now. the search intensifies for the driver who hit two toddlers in vallejo. >> the kids remain in critical condition. we first told you about this monday morning on "today in the bay." they released images of the white acura. anser hassan has details on the desperate search under way and reaction from the community. >> reporter: it may be a long time before anyone can hold this 2-year-old again. >> these are all my kids in this neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors like jimmy lee are struggling to come to terms with the 2-year-old's can't. >> devastated. >> reporter: late sunday evening, the 2-year-old was
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flung from his stoller in a hit and run on turner parkway. vallejo police identified the vehicle from surveillance video. an early 2000 acura tl. >> these people speed up and down this street. they have no idea about, you know, the consequences. >> reporter: neighbors say this is a dangerous street with two crosswalks within a one-mile stretch of road. they plan to pressure the city to do more to address safety. >> i was thinking something from here on would happen. >> reporter: anser hassan, "today in the bay." coming up on "today in the bay," the break up at sears. the reason the stores won't be selling whirlpool appliances anymore. snap chat is struggling to sell the spectacles. the number of glasses sitting in the warehouse.
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good morning, i'm landon dowdy. the top business headlines, wall street will try to rebound from monday losses. the dow snapped the six day winning streak. looking over the latest earnings
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reports. on the agenda, earnings from 334rks, mcdonalds, gm and at&t. the dough is up. the nasdaq slipping to 6586. searing will stop making whirlpool appliances after a pricing issue. "the wall street journal" reports sears, which owns k-mart stopped listing whirlpool. they will make products for kenmoore. sears sold 4 out of 10 appliances in america, but struggled amid the competition from the likes of home depot, costco as well as amazon. snap chat spectacles were a hot item a year ago. now, not so much. the company has hundreds of
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thousands of pairs sitting in warehouses in china. earlier this year, snap chat ceo claims sales of the video recording sunglasses topped 150,000. reports say the company may have bought more spectacles based on initial demand and is now left with a huge inventory. >> you have to get them out of the warehouse. >> we said on "today in the bay," snap chat is a younger generation. may the cost. >> christmas is coming. kids are always honest. oracle bust is buying a resort in lake tahoe for $35 million. that's the word. the resort used to be a hot celebrity hangout before it got run down. frank sinatra and dean martin was there. in 2012, he purchased the hawaiian island of lanai. how about that? it's a lot of money.
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>> a lot of money. >> yeah. those temperatures, kari, you have been tracking it. it's going to be hot. >> yeah, and it warms up quickly as we look outside in san jose. starts out nice. let me show you the temperature trend for campbell will be upper 50s. 9:00 is the time to get out there. by noon, the temperatures mid 70s. above where we should be this time of year. here is a nice look at the dublin grade. off in the distance, the dublin interchange. there's plenty of traffic, but nothing unusual for the tri-valley. we'll track the rest of your commute, coming up. he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war.
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a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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bay area dodgers fans will head to l-a for game 1. happening today, the world series begins. dodger fans head to l.a. for game one. it will be hot. i'm not just talking about the game, the headline, temperatures will be near 100 degrees at first pitch. the dodgers are playing the houston astros. the dodgers first appearance since the late '80s. >> there we go. sunny in l.a. >> it's going to be hot here. we don't care what's going on down there. it is going to start out nice and cool and we can turn off the air-conditioning. now is the time to open up the
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windows and let that cool air in. we are in the low 60s. this is warmer than where we normally begin. check out san francisco. right now, 67 degrees. 65 degrees in the east bay and the north bay at 51 degrees. so, much cooler in the north bay. then, let's check out the south bay high temperatures this afternoon. los gatos, 91 degrees. 92 in gilroy and the east bay looking at low 90s as well. concord, 93 degrees and 89 in hayward. 90 in redwood city today and daly city, 93 degrees. winds from the north at 7 miles per hour. then, from the west in san francisco, the outer sunset lower. mission district and the embarcadero, no help there, upper 80s and low 90s for the north bay. combine that with what we have been having with the high fire danger. we'll have to keep an eye on the
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hills. as you get dressed this morning, starting out standing in front of the clouds, what am i going to wear. if you can make it a beach day, a bikini. walk into the office wearing a bikini, if you have the day off. make it a beach or pool day. if not, try to stay cool with shorts and short sleeves. the rest of the forecast, we are going to have cooler temperatures on the way. i talked about if you are going to santa cruz, a look at the temperatures. it is going to be hot there as well with breezy winds to start out this morning. then it calms down as we go through the day. 80 degrees is the high tomorrow in san francisco. then you see how much cooler it gets as we get into the weekend. back to normal weather quickly there. a little slow to cool off for the inland areas. upper 80s for the rest of the week. now, mike, you have a crash in fremont, how is that looking? >> cleared off chp.
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sounds like we might have more traffic over the hill. 92, we have the pumpkin activity because we are approaching halloween. we are having a beach day, 17 more crowded as folks take perhaps an extended lunch. looking at the sensors,al green. that's good news. here, the tri-valley, behind me, no slowing out of the altamont pass. plenty of traffic through the area. heading toward the bay bridge, an easy drive. you see a little weight, extra weight in the cash lanes. not all lanes have opened yet. typically have that happen about 5:00. no problem for the rails, either. trains and rails are running on time. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 4:48. new details on google's expansion in san jose. this morning, we are getting a look at thee estimated time lin.
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the construction of the map of urban village in downtown san jose is likely to begin eight years from now. this would be after high speed rail connections are completed. the new time line is outlined in a city memo. google and partners have been snatching up properties near the station. they have purchased 20 parcels in the area highlighted on the map. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is investigating the story for us and will bring an update live at 5:30. 4:49. san francisco considering a fee on uber and lyft rides to pay for local transportation. they are reporting the fee could be up to a dollar a ride, part of a new measure. they aren't sure when it could become reality because of changes in state law. new this morning, if you live in an east bay homeless
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campus, you could be on the verge of eviction. this is video posted near martin lucer king jr. in berkeley. the video shows the moments when bart police arrived to deliver eviction notices. bart owns the land. the city told bart to evict them. the earliest that might happen could be tonight. the group members vowed to resist efforts to move. new this morning, rolling out the sleek new rail cars. you may see those new cars as soon as thanksgiving. the first ten bart cars passed their final safety test. now the puc needs to green light their transition and passenger service. the process could take three weeks and the ten cars will run as single trains. the rest of the fleet, rather, is still on the tracks to debut next year. a follow up now, the two
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young men who found themselves scaling the bridge are taking a plea deal. they face criminal charges for trespassing and climbing on the toll bridge. they offer the misdemeanor program and they are going to take it. the charges will be dismissed if both complete the program, which could include fines and community service. artificial intelligence is helping fight crime. san jose state university police department is testing a new security system. the high-tech cameras and sensors sniff out toxins in the air and identify a suspect on camera. pinpointing the location of a gun shop and location information to officers at the same time. if there were gunshots in the area, they are going to light up our smartphones. ift's going to go directly to the officers, directly to dispatch and it will say, you know, location x, y, z.
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>> it is installed on campus light poles close to where previous crimes were committed. it should be in use next year. coming up on "today in the bay," the fight to house amazon's second head quarters is going to other countries. where it could land and bring to any region. a santa cruz surfer riding big waves. he covered his board with 10,000 cigarette butts. it's the most common item found on the beach. he hopes it urges clean up efforts. companies in the euro zone, manufacturing is up. we'll be back in two minutes with more news. stick around. the search resumes for a missing
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boater. the coast guard found the boat adrift nedo 4:54. happening today, the search resumes for a missing boater. the coast guard found the boater on monday. a fishing license aboard identifies justin greer as the owner. greer was last heard from on sunday. they found his truck and boat in a parking lot. we'll keep you posted with updates. hundreds of children across the bay area openly identify as transgender. schools in the area are planning to teach and support the students. >> we investigate tonight at 11:00 and we have a preview this morning. good morning, guys. the number of children who identify as transgender is expected to rise, in part, because of new medical guidelines. we were the first to report on them in may. they now open the door for transgender teens to change
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their bodies at younger ages. tonight at 11:00, our two-month investigation on teacher training. we'll introduce you to cal, who doesn't identify as male or female. trans kids can feel depressed, lonely and suicidal. teachers don't know what to do when they have a transgender in the room. >> they say this isn't necessary. what they mean is you trans are not necessary. they mean we don't want to take the time to help you as a student. >> which schools are educating their educators and which aren't? you can watch the full investigation tonight at 11:00. if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at a follow up now. we have new numbers on the nationwide effort to host
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amazon's second headquarters. the company received bids from 238 cities. the proposals are from the u.s., mexico and canada. california communities are in the running. governor jerry brown offered a big tax break which amazon says is something they will consider. they will bring 50,000 jobs and spend $5 billion on the project. the winner will be announced next year. amazon may venture into another type of business. the business of take out. they will be able to order take out from local restaurants. they will be able to browse, participate, place an order and check out through amazon. the trial run starts next month. coming up on "today in the bay," kari hall is tracking the heat we will experience. another hot one. >> yes, the hottest day of the week as we take a live look outside in san jose. it's the time to get out there before noon. then we'll see the temperatures
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in the upper 80s. evergreen, reaching the low 90s today. we'll talk about the cooler air, next. a live look at the san mateo bridge. a clear shot. we love this. traffic will build here. i'm showing you what is going on near another bridge. >> 781, go around. >> a close call at sfo. the latest incident that caused sfo to go to extreme measures to try to stop a plane from landing.
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5:00 on tuesday morning. already october 24th. we are a week away from halloween. look at the orange glow. right? very nice. golden gate bridge in san francisco this morning. we are looking alt possible record temperatures in san francisco. it might hit 90 degrees. kari's closet is getting out the bikini. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. the bay area could shatter the temperature records. we have been looking at this. it gets scary. it is going to be hot out there. >> it is going to be hot. we haven't had to deal with it for a while. time to crank the air conditioners back up and deal with this heat for one more day. let's talk about the records and where we may be setting records. livermore, the forecast is 90. the record is


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